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We at Fairchild Law Offices pride ourselves on protecting your rights and letting you be  "the boss." We work for you from the time you retain to get the best result possible, given the facts of your case. We keep you updated as to your case status, and when there's an offer on the table, inform you as to the legal options available so that you can make an informed decision.

I Needed an Attorney Yesterday!!

First, stop.  Take a deep breath.  Count to 10. Exhale. Everyone is in a hurry.  Every case is vitally important to the people involved. Time is always of the essence.

The wheels of justice turn very slowly, sometimes they appear to have stopped or run backwards.  This is normal.  It isn't pleasant but it is normal.

This said, there are certain times when speed is truly important.  There are legal time limits to file paperwork for certain issues. Call now if you already have a hearing date scheduled!

The courts are backlogged (running weeks or months behind.)  Lawyers tend to be very busy and tightly scheduled. You can usually get an appointment to discuss your case within 2 weeks.

If you actually have to appear in court (criminal cases, contested divorce hearings, civil suits) you are likely to visit the court multiple times.